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You can stop surfing the web and looking for inspiration - save yourself a lot of time and effort. Just swallow your pride and ask someone else - who's been where you are - for FREE help and advice

You probably feel like you don't know where to start looking for a new career...

Maybe you think "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" and that changing career will be difficult.

The truth is, you have NO IDEA how to find that new role - if you did then you'd be doing it.

Your goal is to find a career that "floats your boat" or is a good fit for you, rather than just a job. Because deep down you value integrity, honesty and security. But you're terrified that [1] you won't get a job at all [2] you end up choosing the wrong one or [3] you can't find one that matches your values.

If you could just speak to someone who knows what you're going through and who could give you a few practical pointers...

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